Guidelines for Authors

Before submitting their paper to our Editorial Office, all the authors are supposed to download and read our 'Guidelines for Authors' where they will find all the necessary information on writing their manuscript in accordance to Psychiatria Danubina's standards

Guidelines for Authors - Word

Also, we encourage all the authors to read about optimization of articles for search engines which should help their chance of being viewed and/or cited in another work

Optimizing Your Article for Search Engines

Guidelines for Reviewers

We advise our current and potential reviewers to read the following article titled 'How to Review a Manuscript: A "Down-to-Earth" Approach' so they could get a better insight in what it takes to write a good manuscript review.

How to Review a Manuscript: A "Down-to-Earth" Approach - PDF

Writing an Article

All who are interested in the creative process of planning, writing and publishing empirical work could benefit from reading this interesting article named 'Writing the Empirical Journal Article'.

Writing the Empirical Journal Article - PDF